Krytox Lube (Oil and Grease)
Krytox Lube (Oil and Grease)
Krytox Lube (Oil and Grease)
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Krytox Lube (Oil and Grease)

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VPF 1514 oil is recommended for linear switches and general lubing. If you want a more viscous lube, purchase GPL 204 grease and mix both until you find your perfect consistency. A thicker mix is recommended for tactile switches, however lubing and feel is very subjective -- play around with mixes and find what works for you!

One 3mL vial of VPF 1514 is more than enough for 1 full keyboard, the bundle is enough for over 2 keyboards with proper application.

Bundle purchases will receive two vials: a 3mL vial of Krytox VPF 1514 and 2mL vial of Krytox GPL 204.

All purchases come with an applicator tool.


  • Krytox VPF 1514
    • Viscosity (cSt at 68°F): 142 (for those more familiar with GPL 103 and 104, this would be in between those oils)
  • Krytox GPL 204
    • Viscosity (cSt at 68°F): 177

Note: for those worried about separation of the oil in GPL 2-series greases, there is almost no separation long-term at normal temperatures. Krytox specifications state that there is approximately 5% weight loss after 30 hours of constant exposure in 210°F temperature -- therefore, unless you are placing your switches in the oven, you should not experience oil separation unless stored for extended periods of time.