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Gateron Switches

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Milky Gaterons PCB-mount now available in Clear, Red, Brown, and Green

Gateron switches - great Cherry alternatives with MX stems (many say they're "smoother" than the Cherry equivalent)

Stems offered:

  • Gateron Clear - 35g Linear (feather touch, opaque white stem)
  • Gateron Red = 45g Linear
  • Gateron Yellow - 50g Linear (65g bottom out)
  • Gateron Black - 50g Linear (70g bottom out)
  • Gateron Brown - 45g Tactile
  • Gateron Blue - 55g Tactile Clicky
  • Gateron Green - 80g Tactile Clicky

Three types of Gateron housings offered:

  • Plate-mount (transparent top, black bottom housing, 3 pins)
  • PCB-mount (transparent top, black bottom housing, 5 pins)
    • Can also be used with plates, however depending on the PCB may require flush cutters to snip the extra 2 rubber pins on the bottom of the housing
  • SMD (transparent top, white bottom housing, slit for SMD LED, 3 pins)

 Gaterons available in sampler packs here.


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