Boba U4 THOCK - Gazzew Switches
Boba U4 THOCK - Gazzew Switches
Boba U4 THOCK - Gazzew Switches
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Boba U4 THOCK - Gazzew Switches

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Gazzew's U4 BOBA-THOCKY Switches (Tactile)

Available in 62g and 68g (bottom-out force, not actuation).

MX with RGB Slot - PCB Mount (5 Pin Housing)

LED - SMD and thru-hole

Sockets - Compatible with all socket types

Boba Pearl tops and base.

  • New plastic composition

    • Very smooth

    • Softer than Nylon PA66

    • Higher melting temperature vs. Polycarbonate (without sacrifice of smooth surface)

    • Reduced ping

  • Universal base - RGB slot (compatible with all LED styles)

    • Compatible with both Outemu-only sockets and Kailh/Gateron universal sockets

  • New leaf design

    • Increased tactility

    • Reduced leaf ping (due to metal composition and new plastic base)

    • Tactile and linear friendly

    • Lubed at factory

  • Korean springs (stainless)

    • bottoms lubed at factory (donut dip style)

  • Lubing of slide rails is not suggested, but if you feel otherwise, use a thin PTFE based grease (not 205g0 - too "sticky")

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