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[GROUP BUY] OW Gamer Keysets
[GROUP BUY] OW Gamer Keysets
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[GROUP BUY] OW Gamer Keysets

Regular price $14.99

After countless requests, we have agreed to run this group buy one last time. Note this is a GROUP BUY. Keycaps are expected to go into production in late February and expected to ship to you by end of March / early April.

Overwatch-inspired ABS shine-through keycaps in OEM profile for 26 characters and a WASD set.

All sets come with 4 keys (Esc, Q, E, Left Shift) for ANSI (US) layouts, except Mercy which comes with 6 keys.


  • Cherry MX-style stems ONLY (see second picture)
  • Esc keys are OEM Row 4, Q/E are OEM Row 3, Shift is OEM Row 1 and standard left shift size (2.25u)

If you order 2 sets, use code: 2SETS for 10% off

If you order 3+ sets, use code: 3SETS for 15% off

Do not check out with anything other than Group Buy items to your cart. Shipping quotes will be provided at checkout.

No current end-timing on the last day to participate in the Group Buy, likely will stop taking orders in mid-to-late February.


Group Buy Terms: by checking out and purchasing these keysets, you agree to the timelines noted above for shipping and that there may be delays to production although we do not expect any. We will do our best to notify GB participants of any changes to the schedule. We are not responsible if the keys are not compatible with your keyboard, please double-check before ordering!