Super Lube
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Super Lube

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0.5oz tubes back in stock and a new 6cc Syringe for easy application.

Super Lube for stabilizers - synthetic grease with PTFE Teflon in 1cc tearable packets or 1/2oz tubes.


  • 1cc packet or 0.5oz tube (14.78cc)
  • NLGI grade 2 heavy duty multi-purpose lubricant
  • Non-toxic, non-staining, dielectric
  • Operating temp: -45F to 450F
  • 1cc packet formulation contains PTFE Teflon 82340
  • 0.5oz tube formulation contains PTFE Teflon 21010

Other household uses for Super Lube include: hinges, windows, appliances, skateboard, fitness equipment, etc. Buy a tube and keep it around for noisy doors or chair joints.