Krytox Lube (Oil and Grease)
Krytox Lube (Oil and Grease)
Krytox Lube (Oil and Grease)
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Krytox Lube (Oil and Grease)

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12/10: 3mL and 5mL back in stock..!

Krytox Options:

  1. 3mL vial of VPF 1514 oil + applicator ($4.99)
  2. 5mL vial of VPF 1514 oil + applicator ($7.49, 10% off per mL versus 3mL vials)
  3. 4g vial of GPL 204 (4g of grease) + applicator ($9.99)
  4. 4g vial of GPL 205 (4g of grease) + applicator ($9.99)
  5. Krytox Bundle - includes 3mL vial of VPF 1514, 2g of GPL 204 + applicator ($10.99)
  6. Extra applicators ($1.49 for 5 extra applicators, ~95mm long with a felt ball tip)

VPF 1514 oil is recommended for linear switches and general lubing. If you want a more viscous lube, purchase GPL 204 grease and mix both until you find your perfect consistency. GPL 204 may also be used for stabilizers, but we recommend Super Lube for cost effectiveness.

A thicker mix is recommended for tactile switches, however lubing and feel is very subjective -- play around with mixes and find what works for you!

One 3mL vial of VPF 1514 is more than enough for 1 full keyboard, the bundle is enough for over 2 keyboards with proper application.


  • Krytox VPF 1514
    • Viscosity (cSt at 68°F): 142 (for those more familiar with GPL 103 and 104, this would be in between those oils)
  • Krytox GPL 204
    • Viscosity (cSt at 68°F): 177
  • Krytox GPL 205
    • Viscosity (cSt at 40°F): 160

    Our plastic tubes are self standing with a conical bottom, made of high quality polypropylene and feature a leak-resistant screw cap. These tubes are generally used for the transport and safe storage of biological materials and therefore shatterproof.